Life. Is full of surprises. Always. We come in a world as a little child and we get to know of our parents and closed ones, we meet new friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. We grow and create a legacy.

In this life path, we meet people that we share our heart, mind and body. We share our breath for moments that can never be forgotten. Moments that define us and determine how should we behave with our next relationship. At the beginning, we are empty of experiences and only have impressions from what we observe our parents or grandparents appear to treat each other in front of us. Then we form an understanding based on our individual experiences, which is changing accordingly if these are positive or negative.

It is inevitable. At a certain moment in our life, we will meet a person that is our soul-partner and we would wish to stay with that person forever. The issue is that we don’t know how to behave or to expect from that person, and the worst is that we assume that, that person should know us already.

Well, that won’t work… but here is a quick 5 step to succeed

Be honest

Nope. You don’t like ALL they say or ALL they do and vice versa. It’s simply impossible. It’s great sharing and respecting each other and their wishes, but if you do not like something you create a black hole, fed maybe in a daily basis. That will drive you both apart. You will start disliking yourself and you will explode at a certain point. It’s better fighting now and resolving any issue than once and for good…

Make them feel wanted

Especially after 11 months of a relationship, we all getting less enthusiastic. Not because we don’t want our partner. On the contrary. We do. But we have learned to be liked and conquered by the other person. That’s how we get confirmation! In addition, approaching the 1 year, it’s all nice but deep inside we do feel that it’s getting serious. Are we sure about that commitment? Should we stay together? Should we have kids? Should I meet more before settling? And all questions like that. Well, let me tell you. Not experiencing your partner to the fullest, you lose! Keep your love steaming hot!

Make time for your partner

I understand. You work a lot, and you must use a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet at the same time. Well, make some space for your partner. Allocate some good hours every day and a lot during the weekend to meet, have fun, walk around, travel, experience each other. If you don’t like somebody, don’t make excuses on how much work you do have. Be honest in-front of yourself, at least, and move on. When was the last time you spontaneously booked a trip for your partner? You’ll just need keyboard and mouse. As destinations I recommend: Rome, Milano, Barcelona, Stockholm, London, Granada, Tenerife, Maastricht, Lisbon, Prague. So simple!


When was the last time you did fight with your partner like a kid? Realize that you won’t split up! You will be having actually fun! Actually, you are both right. And that’s the fun of it! Little arguments should be welcomed and feeling threatened that the other person will run away or hurt their feelings. We are together with a person not fix all their problems but to face them all together! There are times that their problem is our habits or behaviors. Just because they don’t know us yet as well as they will in some years, doesn’t mean we won’t get along already!

Hold hands

Old fashioned? Cheesy? Kids stuff? Call it what you want. The very first moment you touch their hand you’ll never forget it. So why shouldn’t you repeat it all the time? It’s not a part of a show. It’s how you tell your other half “you complete me” and “I’ll be next to you”.  Can it get better than this?


This universe is established in duality and nothing functions out of this concept. The beauty of life is to understand both sides of ourselves… both Sun and Moon and experience through the our other significant. Everything is important in this path … everything!