There are two major things that do not allow you to progress towards reaching yourself, your past and your future… actually, to make it more precise… your impressions about your past and your imagination about your future. Why is that? I read once “past is God’s punishment for humans“… would it also be the future? I bet so… The reason is simple: we do not live now, in this very instant, but in the space of our minds where we develop impressions and imaginations!

Today, I was washing my hands and I thought, “God, I have long fingers”. Seriously, I have never noticed that before… That very moment, I observed my body, my mind and everything around me clearly. So, yes, this is the first level of being an observer, but, again, something was missing. I was not out of feelings… I was angry with myself for not having had that observation before. So, my feelings did not allow me to observe the present moment clearly!

How do you live your life? Is the world you – or – are you a tiny spot in the universe that has, though, all the characteristics inside you? When do you think that it is the correct time to understand your potential to ACT? Yesterday? Tomorrow? If revolutionists had said that they would wait for a revolution, we would still be living under dictatorship, and you would not be able to have an opinion and the life you have now! Your body, mind, and feelings would be in a box that could easily be manipulated!

Once I told C.

“With fully conscious eyes of today, you have to observe your past and create your future”.

Try it… your life will change to that one you really want! There is a path we seldom take… the path that leads to our self-understanding and to consciousness.